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  • 7 lutego 2014

    Diplomatic car for sale MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER 2400 cc

    Mitsubishi Outlander

    Petrol Engine, 4 – cylinder, automatic transmission

    Model: 2004

    Color: Black

    Total Mileage: 98000 km


    The car can be viewed in the Embassy of the Republic of Poland from 10th of February (Monday) until 14th of February (Friday) from 14:00 until 16:00.


    Interested is asked to hand over an offer directly in a sealed envelope entitled “Diplomatic car” to the Embassy of the Republic of Poland by 16:00 21st of February 2014.


    Submission requirements:

    1. Name, address, tel. no. or email address;

    2. The bid price (only in EUR);

    3. Declaration of the bidder that he is familiarized with the item of bidding (declaration in attachment);   


    Any offer which does not comply with the submission requirements will not be considered.


    Please note that the starting price is 4000 Euro.


    Only accepted bid offer will be notified.


    The buyer will be responsible for any necessary re-registration, taxes, tolls and duties related to the transfer of ownership etc., including related fees in the country.


    Once the payment has been made and the car is handed over, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland shall not be responsible for any problems or defects that may be encountered at a later stage.





    Hereby is to confirm that I am familiarized with the item of bidding – Mitsubishi Outlander 2400 cc.



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    auto- 2

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